If you are really in need of a loyal friend who has the least of all demands but dedicates all his life to serving you at all cost then trust me no human would go that far. But who then would sacrifice his breath for you?

Common animal pals


Your pet would;however it depends on who that pet is.Unlike working,sporting and laboratory animals or livestock, a pet is kept for protection,company and entertainment.The first animal to be tamed and domesticated was the dog due to its attractive appearances and loyal ‘personality’; the two key qualities of a deserving friend.

Many people are fond of domesticating pets because they provide both physical and emotional support.Typically,taking a dog or a cat for a walk in a park will supply to both you and the pet with fresh air,social interaction and exercise.Talking of companionship, pets make an ideal company to not only healthy people but also to elderly people,psychologically and physically challenged people who can not adequately socialize.Actually it is very common to find a blind person walking  confidently along with his dog friend.

To achieve given physical,social,emotional and cognitive targets with confined patients, trained and medically approved pets are brought to visit them.And for those guys seeking to surprise their ladies would a dog gift not suit her?Trust me a fancy puppy would be an ideal gift.

The dog and the cat are the most common pets in today’s world though people still tame rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, fancy rats, parakeets, parrots, snakes, goldfish, tropical fish, tarantulas,guinea pigs, turtles and hermit crabs.

In conclusion pets have all the right to be named man’s friend not avoiding the dog’s credit as man’s best friend.If you do not have one at home or at your work place then you are missing out on a lot of fun.Grab yourself one today and thank me later.


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